Arctic Fire - Artwork of Cathy Miller Burgoyne

Alaskan artist, dog musher, ice aficionado
I post other people's art besides mine, cute animals, Alaskana and cult/horror/exploitation movie stuff

Meow <3
This is an experiment I’m working on, a kind of optical illusion. Depending on the angle or closeness of the viewer, you should be able to see the creepy image appear clearer depending on how you look at it. It’s meant to look almost like an after image. If viewed from a distance, the image should appear completely black.
"Someone please save me from puppy prison!"

ARCTIC FIRE artwork of Cathy Miller Burgoyne

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(;,;) Shamelessly kiped from Weird Tales FB page.

New Mad Max: Fury Road Image of Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron -/Film


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Arthur Rackham, The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie [Richard Wagner], 1910.

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